This and That Canine Co. was founded by Mitch, Olivia, and their bulldog Petunia. While on a stroll through the woods, Petunia stumbled across an object under a bush that resembled your everyday stick. After quickly scooping it up as best as her under bite would let her, she ran over to show us. To our surprise, it wasn’t a stick at all—it was a deer antler!

Petunia begged us to let her keep her new find, and after she gave us that irresistible puppy face, how could we not?! Before she was allowed to chew on it, the responsible parents that we are, we researched and found that antlers are a natural source of calcium and protein.

A couple weeks went by and to our amazement Petunia still had the antler! We noticed that it didn’t mush, splinter, chip or crack, didn’t make a mess on the carpet, and the best part was it didn’t upset Petunia’s sensitive stomach. Pretty soon other dogs in the area were asking Petunia where they can get some too! Samples were given to all of Petunia’s friends and we were thrilled when we were given two paws up on the new chews.

Since we could not buy this new fantastic treat anywhere, we decided to take matters into our own hands and turn this unique find into a business! Petunia gladly traded in her equity in the business for a cartoon of herself on the packaging. (We gladly agreed!)

This and That Canine Co. launched in November 2009 and since day one we have been booming!  We are committed to producing unique, Canadian made pet products, while at the same time respecting our planet.

New products are constantly in development! Check back regularly to see Petunia’s latest find!

A little difference goes a long way…

– Our packaging is 100% recyclable and printed on 70% recycled paper
– We use limited electricity at our facilities and offices whenever possible
– We correspond through email and online fax to limit the amount of paper use (which is minimum 30% recycled)
– We only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies